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    what is the rarist gun youve ever shot?

    Semi auto 14.5mm Russian anti- tank rifle. Wasn't mine,but I did get to shoot it.
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    More dog Pictures

    My little lady, Raven
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    LP price

    Just topped off for the summer @$2.35 gal
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    Win -2- of the new Ruger Forum Decals!

    Mine would be Blackhawk and #1
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    Shipping handguns via FedEx or UPS

    Check with your local FFL that you give most of your business. I do all the leg work... pack, box, print shipping label, he verifies serial number and drops at the post office. Charges me $20.00, sometimes charges me nothing.
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    What I've been doing the past couple months

    I built one, that was enough... took two years.
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    That time of year...your favorite firearm purchase 2021!

    Freedom Arms 83 500 Wyoming
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    Stainless Bisley Blackhawks, Serial Number & Casing Date

    KRBN-445W 87-524xx Case dated 10/2/2002
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    Super Blackhawk, Need value help

    That was the first thing I asked if any signs of pitting. I was worried about cover up. I would feel alot better if I could see the gun, but this would be an internet purchase. The pictures I received the bore looks good, no signs of pitting. Plating looks professional. I would be buying as a...
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    Super Blackhawk, Need value help

    Not bumper chrome, my first thought when I seen pictures was hard chrome. Gun has a nice satin look, appearance of the hard chrome SSK uses on contender barrels
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    Super Blackhawk, Need value help

    It will be a private sale from the heir. I already explained that the gun has little to no collector value. I'm interested in it as a shooter. But want to be fair on price for them and me. I dont "need" it, so I won't pay panic prices.
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    Super Blackhawk, Need value help

    I'm looking a estate Super Blackhawk that dates to 1963, its not converted. I've only seen pictures, what I can see it looks good. But... it appears to be hard chrome plated. I dont need the gun so I dont want to pay "panic" prices. What do you think would be a fair for both partys pre panic...
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    flashes from the past

    My first card was with JC Penny. Bought a Remington 870 which I still have to this day. Remember when JC Penny sold guns?
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    .17 calibers?

    Made in the single six hunter. 17 HRM & 17 Mach II
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    New year karma--winner Blume

    I must be one of the only people that don't have a copy. Put my name in.