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    Ruger No. 3 30-40 Krag

    I traded into a “200th Year” one recently and have finally gathered dies and 50 pieces of brass. Anyone have a good load recommendation?
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    .44 special vs .45 colt

    I like them both but then again I like just about every revolver cartridge
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    45 Colt Blackhawk,

    Would love to find a liberty 45 blackhawk
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    GP-100 .44 Special staying put.

    I have that same gun. Need to find some power pistol
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    77/44 with threaded barrel

    One of these is for sale near me. Anyone got one?
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    45 Colt Blackhawk,

    Double checked, mine shipped in 1992
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    45 Colt Blackhawk,

    I have one from the early 90’s (original large frame)
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    Ruger Single Six Hunter

    I’ve seen them bring over $1,000 on Gunbroker. Even the 22’s are getting up there
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    How to hold Blackhawk...

    Yes, I’ve never had a problem with the square back SBH grips
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    Cabela's single six

    Never seen one of those before
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    Anyone make grips like these for the GP100?

    Good to hear!
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    HS-6 for .44 mag. Anyone use it for light loads?

    I have N 8lb jug that I got to use for my 480 Ruger but also use it for others too