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    The gunslinger effect

    During my years as a LEO I practiced my draw for 30 minutes before every shift. Its been 10 years since I wore the badge and the muscle memory has stuck even though I only practice once or twice a week. I had an instructor tell me that I only needed to practice on the days I wanted to live.
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    New 1911 Grips

    Just got my new Cherokee Hills Hobo Grips 😬 Chittam Burl Organic Stippling
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    My mount came back 😬

    The taxidermist said it looked like a hand grenade went off in his neck. He asked what I shot him with, I told him a 357 mag levergun and he said "no way". I showed him the pic I took in the woods. He couldnt believe it, he said he thought it had to be a 270 or 308. The projectile broke...
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    Grizzly Bear Chasing Alberta Wild Horses

    Its a pretty well known fact that a Brown Bear can get upwards of 35mph over short distances. Thats about even with a horse, only difference is a horse has more stamina
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    Diesel and DEF???

    Its a danged scam is what it is. Ridiculous, just liberal BS to appease Kommifornia emission standards
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    My mount came back 😬

    Actually he was standing on his hind legs with his back to me. I shot him at the base of his neck. DRT
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    The squatter is a burglar

    I think legally it would depend on how the offender made initial entey into the home.
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    More dog Pictures

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    Whatever happened to cowboy boots?

    I wear cowboy boots every day and work in them a lot so they must be comfortable. I sent a measurements of my feet, ankle and calf muscle to Dan Post and had boots made. Now they dont offer that service so when the two pair I have (re-soled locally) wear out I have no idea what I will do
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    Stallion killed by mare's kick

    I worked in a lot of breeding stables as a kid, those idiots were completely responsible for that. At a minimum the mare should have been hobbled
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    Stallion killed by mare's kick

    Live cover is always risky but its usually the mare who gets hurt. Ive seen mares get savaged by a stallion and die from sepsis shortly after. This is why virtually all high end horse breeders use envitro
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    Prices of Hotel in Bozeman, MT

    The wife and I flew out to MT last year to look at a farm we were interested in and it was nearly that much for 2 nights.
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    GOD be merciful.