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    Difference between MK1 and MKII.

    Try to eliminate the word "need" from your gun vocabulary, you'll be happier.
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    Difference between MK1 and MKII.

    Love that fluted barrel ! I hope it makes the gun a bit muzzle heavy,I have never held one.
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    Blackhawk Flat Top .44 pricing?

    Two of the standard grip model just sold this week on GunBroker , one for $750(new) and one for $850(used) !
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    Can You Handle The .44 Magnum?

    I like to shoot a cylinder full of full house loads out of my 2 3/4" Redhawk about once a year. I figure that's enough to prove what a manly man I am!
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    Where are the collectors?

    Only the Rugers?
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    Where are the collectors?

    I'll keep you in mind!
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    Revolver for MIL

    Good thing I have a strong heart. It made it clear to me that it would discourage any dog or human from bothering me. It's a good alternative for anything other than a gun fight.
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    Revolver for MIL

    You might consider a stun gun. I quit carrying a sidearm when I dog walk, and carry a zapper now. Cheap on eBay. I tried it on myself,and wished I hadn't.
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    New Member from Nor Cali

    There is a good Club in Nevada County, California, near Nevada City. Nevada County Sportsmens club you could find a comfortable hangout . Rifle/pistol,trap,archery,bar,darts pool, cribbage , retired LEO's.
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    Where are the collectors?

    This is the most thought provoking thread I have read in a long time. Many of the comments and suggestions apply to me . Am I delusional about the value of my firearms to : collectors : the general public : my family : myself ???
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    Anyone make a 5-shot, double action in 45 Colt?

    What is the 30/30 referring to?
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    You did stipulate "function normally", well my normal is coffeed up! In moderation,coffee is an ok addiction,no health negatives , and some health benefits.
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    How about a MK II “snubbie?”

    Should have chopped the grip,too.
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    How about a MK II “snubbie?”

    I wonder if the pressure pulse is affected, compromising reliable cycling? Needs a lighter mainspring?