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    Would you like to live forever?

    Yes, only if I'm in good health.
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    Hand file recommendations

    I get and use Nicholson files. Very good and sharp, comes in all shapes and sizes. I got mine in Ebay.
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    Call me stupid, but....

    I like the .32 also, I have 10 guns in that caliber.
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    Question about USMC (From an old Soldier)

    One horse is out of color.
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    Now That Ruger Owns Marlin ,Lever Gun???

    Will also have a giant "bill board" of safety notes on the side?
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    Can a Goldenrod harm wood stocks?

    What about rubber hand grips?
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    Ruger revolvers

    He's a new one but not the convertible.
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    Single Six Hunter 17HMR/Mach 2

    Just letting everyone know.
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    Single Six Hunter 17HMR/Mach 2
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    Single Six Hunter 17HMR/Mach 2

    I wasn't sure if it was against the rules or not for posting a link so as a precaution- I didn't. Thanks for posting the link. Again, this is not mine.
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    Single Six Hunter 17HMR/Mach 2

    One is on Gun Broker now, it's not mine. I don't have one.
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    Single Six Hunter 17HMR/Mach 2

    How about the single six hunter 17 HMR without the Mach 2 cylinder?
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    Stephen Hawking

    I asked him a question once via email and he didn't answer it. A lot of his theories and they are just theories are unproven. He didn't impress me at all. No, I'm not super smart but I'm of just average intellect. A lot of you may not agree with me but that's ok, sometimes I don't agree with...
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    Stephen Hawking

    He was not as smart as people think.
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    .22 GP100 hammer step material removal question

    Once you start altering a gun, the warranty is void. Send it back to Ruger with all of your concerns.

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