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    OM Single Six Type 1 transition w/ Micro sights

    NICE FIND :) hard to come by for sure :!: here is RSS5W 355224 microed , your gun is in much better condition......
  2. americal

    Stag Grips

    These better be Ruger Factory for what I paid for them :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. americal

    Stag Grips

    FAKE AGAIN....1994 using a file and hand ours of shapeing and polishing.....sore fingers :lol:
  4. americal

    Stag Grips

    A pair of old stag FAKE grips XR3 shaped to the contour of a lot of factory grips...... by me years ago :arrow: like 1994 :lol:
  5. americal

    That gosh-darn RR has rubbed off on me...

    YEP,you strayed :!: but you did a good job,NEAT PISTOL 8) 8)
  6. americal

    Thanks Sam Johnson.......I think.

    Heliman...I know the feeling :lol: you sure purchased a fine rifle 8) 8) I talked him out of his personal microsighted RSSM. I really wanted it because it belonged to Sam Johnson a outstanding man and RUGER collector :!: :!:
  7. americal

    Well this one is for AMERICAL....

    :) :) Yep a interesting FT,I wonder why all the changes were done on this gun the letter was also KINDA confusing on who put the front sight on it. Glad you got it :) thanks for the picture Wayne :D
  8. americal

    New light in the new room......

    RR... your starting to really impress me :D looks GREAT.....
  9. americal

    Close ,as in horseshoes.........

    NICE finds :!: really like the FG 8) 8)
  10. americal

    When did the Micro Sight Company go out of business?

    HEY RR :D :D my wife is REAL sick and is bed ridden :!: :!: still got my microes found two sets of factory stags,last items, I have bought......... have not seen any microes that were in the high 90% condition for sale....been busy with Cheryl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss all of ya'll,talk to Hamm...
  11. americal

    RSS with micro sight ?

    Hey Guys :) Wife is BED RIDDEN now but here are a few pictures of microed RSS's
  12. americal

    When did the Micro Sight Company go out of business?

    One more :wink: a 173xxx RSS4X gun

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