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    Youtube Gun Experts

    I watch gun guys on youtube for the entertainment value. If they're shooting a gun that I'm interested in I'll watch. If they're personable I'll watch. I don't enjoy Paul Harrel's videos or HR Funk. I watch them sometimes but something is lacking about them. I like BigDaddy1911 even though...
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    Comparing Ruger SR 1911 to other major brands
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    what is the rarist gun youve ever shot?

    Century Model 100 revolver in 45-70.
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    Clint Eastwood Movies

    The Eiger Sanction wasn't a very good movie
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    should i do it?

    If I'm understanding this situation correctly, I have to ask what good will your Wrangler be to you if you're pushing your mower cutting grass and fall over dead from a heart attack? Make the trade, or finance a new one or just let the grass get away from you, but stop using the old mower...
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    Ruger SR1911 10mm

    Good points, Gramps. I've stuck to factory loads in the 3 or 4 LCPs I've owned/used and have had no complaints. They're fantastic little pistols for what they are.
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    Kelly Glenn-Kimbro SP101

    I bought one of these for my daughter a couple of years ago. I view it as a very compact and handy yet still capable of using full power, 357 Magnum. It fills the bill as a hiking and camping gun. (Actually, the gun I bought doesn't have the signature on it so it's just the standard issue...
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    Flitz polish

    Flitz does thin the bluing and if you apply it too many times it leaves fine scratches behind. I used it when I first heard of it and it did make my blue revolvers shinier looking, but it's easy to go overboard with it.
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    So this dumb guy..........Updated pictures

    It was about 20 years ago when I came home from a gun show with a Phillips and Rodgers 500 Linebaugh that I'd put on the credit card for north of a grand. My wife was surprised but told me she was happy I was able to buy something I'd wanted for a long time.
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    Is it possible to shoot out a Single Six 22 Magnum barrel?

    This video shows a Single Six in 22 Magnum that doesn't group well. The maker of the video says Ruger told him that the barrel has been shot out.
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    88 yds with the 41 Shorty

    Crocs are cheap, sixshot and unlikely to be stolen. Maybe you should keep a spare pair or two in the truck for emergency gear.
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    Rare Savage 24?

    I know a guy who owns one.
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    Baseball Season

    The baseball here in Fairbanks is the Alaska Goldpanners. It's a summer league for players on their way to the Majors. I think they're a team with the Dodgers. Lots of guys who made it to the big leagues spent some summers playing baseball here. Their signature game is the Midnight Sun game...
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    Brassie Ruger Old Army

    flatgate gave me some info on a stainless ROA I traded for years ago and also a Single Six in 32 H&R. He seemed like a nice guy and I'm sorry to hear that he's gone on.
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    Opinions on these grips - Ivory or Plastic?

    I'd say they are elephant ivory grips. You can see the “Schreger lines.”

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