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    (Update),Quick Automatic Transmission Fluid Question

    I don’t think a timing belt cover would have a gasket. Most run dry and a gasket isn’t needed. I could be wrong though.
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    wax ring time

    I bet fluxing with the “soiled” wax would get me evicted from the house.
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    Bob Wright on slang.........

    A ex co-worker had an aunt named Ima. Last name Bush. Middle name Rose. Ima Rose Bush.
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    Tell me about air fryers

    My wife loves ours. I am less enthused. Last night she made burgers. They were crunchy on the edges. Way too overdone to my taste. We like pork tenderloins. Done in the oven they usually melt in you mouth. In the air fryer they are rubbery and chewy. Hot dogs are good in it.
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    Ruger mystery parts

    Thank you sir. The previous owner must have included some extras in when he traded it in.
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    Ruger mystery parts

    I bought a used PC Carbine in 9mm and got the extra mag well and stock spacers and wrenches as well. No box no manual. I also received the flip up rear sight and another part I have no idea what it is. I looked at an on line exploded view and don’t see anything resembling the latter. I figure...
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    Need Info on Single Six Prices

    I bought a used stainless NM with a 6.5” recently for $500.
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    Here's a little Microwave Hint

    I did pretty much the same at a local convenience store. Bought a couple deviled crabs a tossed the bag in the microwave bag and all. The crabs were in little metal pans. The pans must have sparked lighting the plastic bag they were in, and they lit the paper bag the plastic bag was in.
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    Riser for TRS-25 on a PC Carbine?

    I have a Bushnell TRS-25 I am going to put on my PC Carbine as soon as it’s out of lay away. Anyone know if this combo needs a riser.
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    Bob Wright on slang.........

    My wife had an Uncle Rick(Richard). His wife called him Dick. His Mother,(my wife’s grandmother) absolutely hated that nickname.
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    SWL: Short Wave Listening Comeback?

    I used to DX as a teen. Radio South Africa was my favorite to listen to. Just because it was so far away. I remember their call sign was a guitar playing with a bird chirping. I was all ready to send for a QSL card from Radio Havana until my Dad found out. You’d have thought I was selling...
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    Mount Washington NH temperature.

    Talk about shrinkage!
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    Monty Python bit for a good laugh

    Me too. Carol Cleveland in particular. I thought she was smokin. My favorIte.
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    wax ring time

    For a couple bucks I’ll buy new, thank you. But I guess it would keep you from chewing your fingernails
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    Black checkered grips

    Excellent! Thank you!

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