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    I'm interested in buying a LCP ,friend loaned me his to try out for a few days .I would like to get owners opinion either good or bad on your experience with one .I know I could do a search but this way I get current info . thanks
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    Free spin pawl ?

    The "free spin pawl" in my gun works like it's supposed to and I agree it is handy while loading those fat .45 Colt cartridges but I was just curious if I ever decided to put it back to it's original configuration .I like the icing on the cake comparison however mine is a stainless steel cake...
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    Free spin pawl ?

    I recently traded for a Ruger NM Blackhawk that a previous owner had changed to a "free spin pawl " what is involved in returning this gun to it's original condition ?Was a part added or replaced ? thanks

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