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    Ruger No. 1-H Tropical Chamberings

    There were 5 Boddington guns in the series. I have them all NIB untouched by human hands.
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    Is the No. 1 going out of production?

    I prefer the older red pad guns as the wood is so much nicer on the older guns and the fit of wood to metal is really bad on some of the newer guns. This is not only true on their number one rifles, but on their single actions as well. I bought several consecutive sets of the flat top 45...
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    Ruger 8500 AR-556 Sporting Rifle

    I bought one in OD green and love it.
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    Is the No. 1 going out of production?

    I spoke with the people at Ruger earlier today and I was told they are definitely discontinuing the number one in all calibers.
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    Replacing Blackhawk Internals

    I sure appreciate everyone's help. I'll let you know how it went once I complete the task.
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    Replacing Blackhawk Internals

    I have an old model 30 carbine blackhawk that the previous owner had returned to Ruger to have the internal parts replaced to incorporate the safety transfer bar. I have the original parts that Ruger returned with the gun and want to replace the parts and return the gun to the original condition...

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