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    reflex sight for Blackhawk..

    Vortex Venom or, for a bit more money, Leupold Delta Point Pro. Both are excellent and have lifetime warranties.
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    Ruger KP89 (Stainless)

    A few years ago I bought a blue P89 safety/decocker that had a P95 trigger installed, had been professionally Cerakoted, and included two extra high-cap magazines, the hard case and owner's manual and paid $250 to the original owner. He was happy to get that. Stainless would have commanded...
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    PC Carbine TLC

    My Ruger PC Carbine had a very smooth tool-mark free feed ramp right out of the box.
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    77/44 optic options

    Bushnell makes (actually sells, not makes) a wide variety of scopes ranging from $30 blister pack Walmart specials to some very high-line high quality glass. I don't know what quality or power yours is but there are many good scopes in the many maker's line ups in the range you ask about...
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    NMBH size VS S&W 57/657 ?

    Any N-frame S&W (.357, .41, .44, .45 ACP, etc.) will have the same grip so any of them you try will tell you if 57/657 will fit your hand.
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    Blazer Brass and Independence Aluminum in Compensated Barrel

    I took the conservative approach and removed the compensator. The gun shoots well without it but I may reinstall it when I get suitable ammo. Now I find there is another "problem". While I was talking to the CCI tech guy he mentioned that aluminum case ammo should not be used in any blowback...
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    Thinking About A Ruger 44 Carbine For My Dad

    Recoil in a 44 Mag light weight carbine is not insignificant. I had a 99/44 for a while and the recoil was pretty severe. You might do better to have your father buy "reduced recoil" factory .308 ammo or reload it to 33-30 ballistic equivalent.
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    Blazer Brass and Independence Aluminum in Compensated Barrel

    It's not on a pistol, it's on a 9 mm Carbine. They reduce muzzle rise during fast shooting like USPSA, Steel Challenge, etc. where speed is everything. Every serious, and some not so serious like me, competitor uses them.
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    38 Super ???

    38 Super, and it's recent rimless equivalent 38 Super Comp, have been largely replaced by "9 mm Major" loads. The problem with 38 Super and .38 SC is the brass is expensive and IPSC (USPSA) and IDPA shooters generally loose their brass during competition. 9 mm brass is cheap and far more...
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    Blazer Brass and Independence Aluminum in Compensated Barrel

    I recently bought a case each of CCI Blazer Brass and Independence Aluminum (made by CCI) 115 gr FMJ 9 mm ammo and both boxes have the warning; "Do not use in firearms with ported barrels or ported recoil compensators." Since I thought these were really FMJ bullets I couldn't understand why...
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    Picked up a Colt 1917 revolver today

    Since it is a 1917 it may have some interesting provenance, perhaps dating back to WWI. It might be worth the cost to have Colt "letter" it to see when it was made and where it was first shipped.
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    Here we go again. Ruger announcment on American 9mm

    Any serious USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge or other target game competitor can easily put 10,000 rounds through a handgun in a couple of years. I'm sure at least a few Ruger Americans have been used for these purposes and that's probably where the problem showed up.
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    I understand your concern but the PC Carbine (and 10/22 Takedown for that matter) have excellent return to zero performance following take down and reassembly. Just be sure the big take-up adjustment collar is as tight as you can have it while still allowing fairly easy barrel reinstallation...
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    Ruger Mark IV Hunter information

    Ruger can't/won't sell you one because all the Mk-series guns have the barrel/receiver as the serialized part and it is the "firearm" by ATF definition and can only go through an FFL. Ruger won't do that. And, no you cannot fit the top end of any earlier Mk-series to a MkIV. The least...
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    Match Champion questions

    Your "reviewer" has to be incompetent or mistaken. As noted, unless the gun was disassembled and reassembled incorrectly the shims can't possibly "fall out".