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    red dot sight on mark lll hunter

    Thanks for the help guys..I removed the front and rear sight, plugged the front screw holes, used a direct mount..nice and clean .
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    bearcat holster 3" barrel

    DOC 100% you may wait a spell , but it's worth it. Here is a pic of the holster he made me for the Ruger shop keeper. Hand hammer finish, with the bear paw and finish is superb.
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    Mk 3 Barrell removal

    Go to rugers website, watch disassembly video.. They tell you to use a hammer..I would think ruger the people who make the gun know more about it then we do
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    my new mark lll

    I was going to break down and polish all action parts to smooth out trigger pull. After watching various videos On you tube , I've decided I only want to completely disassemble This gun one time. So I ordered theVolquartsen Accurizing Kit Ruger Mark III from midwayusa. One is able to receive a...
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    my new mark lll

    Update.. I took my ruger mark lll hunter to the range this weekend. I was shooting 2 1/2" targets at 20 yard. And was easily able to keep all the shots on target. Also had mom modify my holster to allow for the fastfire sight..
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    Sig Sauer 220RM45BSS

    I own a Sig 220r carry. It has never jammed on me, I reload 45acp and shoot 185gr. HP w/ win LP primers, and use alliant bullseye powder. It is a wonderful gun and carry it often for personal protection. The only complaint I have is the large grip. I have the slim fit grips on it although its...
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    Mk 3 Barrell removal

    If you go to rugers website and watch the disassembly and reassembly video and listen to the man (Ruger) has filmed in the presentation you will notice he tells you to use a hammer two separate the upper from the lowerand that it will come apart easier the more you do it.. Now... I'm a humble...
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    my new mark lll

    I love the mount because it is very low profile. I purchased the Burris mark lll mount from here is the link Its easy to install. Not sure if all ruger mark lll rear sights are the same. Here is how my install...
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    new ruger mark lll

    The mark lll are such a cool gun. How do you guys like your trigger pull? Did you find the need to modify or are they stock?. If so what modification did you make to the trigger, and how significant was the results..some say all that needs done is to install a new VQ sear and your good to...
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    my new mark lll the way, I've seen long long long threads about what those little dot stickers were all about..Google it if you want a good laugh ..lots of funny comments..I called ruger and asked a tec representative. Unfortunately he was very vague and told me it was just part of quality and inspection...
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    Bearcat Shopkeeper Holster

    I ordered one my self a few weeks ago. With a cool little revolver like the shopkeeper, a man needs a cool holster made to accent the gun just right.A nylon holster would never work..I also thought of the cat print but decided to stick with his bear print. Thank you for posting the pic. the...
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    my new mark lll

    Almost..I'm going to strip and polish the internals to try and smooth out trigger pull. I'm sure a couple bricks of ammo would do the job. But I want them smooooth to start off
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    Colored dots

    All this talk, is a entertaining topic, yet a curious One at that..why doesn't any one just call ruger and ask?.. I'll call today and post reply.
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    my new mark lll

    I accadently posted this in semi auto ..I believe it belongs in rimfire.. .Anyway here is my mark lll hunter. I got the grips from Dr. and I love them..I have med. Hands and there very comfortable.. I removed the factory sights, and plugged the hole with filler screw I purchased...
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    new ruger mark lll

    I wanted to purchase a new ruger mark lll from lipsey's but couldn't find it so I kind of made my own with some modifications. I picked up a ruger mark lll hunter, purchased some grips from Dr. Frankenruger, installed hammer bushing, removed LCI, removed factory sights and installed a Burris...