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PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:32 pm 
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A buddy is having trouble getting a 270 WSM M77 to shoot. The gun is pre-Hawkeye (2005?). A few years ago, he bedded it in a B&C Carbelite stock. While, at times, it shoots pretty well, it has a nasty tendency to throw flyers. We took it apart yesterday with a fresh eye. One thing I noticed was that the leading edge of the floorplate hinge (almost a knife's edge) was about 3/32" below being flush on the stock and was digging into the stock when the front action screw was torqued. In other words, it seems like the majority of the 90 in. lbs. force at that front action screw is balanced on the front edge (more below). We positioned the floorplate and its hinge to be flush--maybe slightly above flush--and checked to see if it would latch properly; it did.

So, back to the B&C stock. On the bottom, the recess for the front action screw is a big hole. That's the best way I can describe it. My plan was to glass bed that front screw recess so, when torqued, that force would be spread across a much wider area than just the leading edge of the floorplate hinge. Try as I may, though, to see other examples of bedding that front screw recess, I can't find any.

Do you think my plan will work? Is this a B&C Carbelite stock design oddity? TIA for any help.

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I think your plan will work, if you do it let us know how it shoots.

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About 25 yrs ago, my M77, .270 W., started grouping terrible. I had packed this very accurate Ruger thru heat, rain, sleet and snow deer hunting and simply shooting many rounds thru it. I put the action in a Bell and Carlson stock, accuracy returned! I did no glass bedding on it. Just bolted it down, added a Leupold 3X9 40 mm. I always thought about bedding the action back in wooden stock, but it shoots so good now.

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