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PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:20 am 

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"So why did you do this? Did this project help the avg tax paying citizen of the US?"

Honestly, I signed into the program because at the time it appeared to be a way to continue to get some income from the acres I was farming while reducing the expensive and time I was putting in. I had just lost both my Father and Father-in-law, had a spouse who was absolutely disconnected with reality and needed the extra attention, and three kids (aged 8, 12, and 15) who needed more time than I could spare if I continued to farm. No one wanted to rent the farm land due to it's difficult access so I had to find an alternative.


PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:24 am 

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Politics has stopped bear hunting again in Florida. But people are complaining about bears in nieghborhoods.

R Highhawk

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:55 pm 
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Mobuck wrote:
"Here is a fun website , you can search by zip code , name etc. to see how much your neighborhood "family " farm is receiving in government subsidies .
Quite an eye opener"

Make sure you understand the time frame of those numbers--1995-2017. 22 years covers a LOT of payments. I just checked my "subsidies" and found I'm the second highest paid "program farmer" in the local area. What those numbers don't reveal is the costs involved in meeting the requirements for payment. I can guarantee that "being in compliance" is expensive.

I agree with you. There is an awful lot of expense that comes with those numbers. People see a number and think all profit. Also, that money is taxed as income. The government gives and the government takes.
A long time ago a County Agent explained it to me like this. If your neighbor takes the payment and you don't, when you compete against him for land, rent, equipment, etc, he has that money and you don't. You'll never last.
For the record, when I looked up my name on that website, it showed about $4,100. Not exactly a giant number over those years.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 1:44 am 

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ohio bowhunter wrote:
Here is a fun website , you can search by zip code , name etc. to see how much your neighborhood "family " farm is receiving in government subsidies .
Quite an eye opener .


I just checked my ZIP code, and it had 91 names. I only recognized about a half dozen of them at all, and fewer as having any known ag interests, even after living here since 1965. On average, considering 91 people and 11 years, they received $1383.25 cents per year. That sure goes a long way, doesn't it?

Admittedly, there are some "odd" payments listed, especially the larger ones. "Disaster" payments? A few ranchers lost a lot of livestock (poultry) to Newcastle Disease, but that was back in the '60s. There's a trust which receives "conservation" subsidies, which might be legit, as people try to stop the growth of houses. And then we get to commodity subsidies! There's a guy who gets paid for wheat and cotton. For him to be legit, he might live here but must own/farm land 100-150 miles from here. Haven't seen wheat around here in decades, and cotton? Locally? Huh, uh. Another gets soybean and rice subsidies. I've never seen a live soybean plant, and can guarantee it's hard as heck to grow rice in a desert without water, which we are.Another guy who lives here, and owns/farms land 450 miles away?

As the man used to say on TV, "Verrry interesting. But shtoopid." At least without further explanation!

Rick C

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