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PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:19 am 

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My post about the financially challenged young shooter on the FFA trap team reminded me of the last time I saw him.
I was out knocking on doors and asking questions when I got into an area I was not at all familiar with. I stopped to ask directions from a couple of guys who were splitting wood in the yard of a certifiably "questionable" residence. The guys were acting a bit defensive to even the most general questions when another man who had been sitting on a pickup tailgate hopped down and quietly commented "You guys should probably go easy. I think I know this man." He turned to me and asked my name and then said "Wow, I'm Txxxx"(nickname of the kid I'd loaned the 870 to). It took me a minute to make the connection and then he took me aside and said "Those guys you're talking to and the name you're looking for are all involved in "some drug action" so be careful here". I thanked him and left w/o incident.
No way to know how far those two would have gone if I'd kept digging but I was sure happy I didn't find out and pleased that the poor kid I'd helped had taken more away from that relationship than just learning to shoot trap.


PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:40 am 
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Glad you made it out safely from that situation, Mobuck. That could have gone south in a hurry! It reminds me of a situation from my real estate days - except that time my 'guardian angel' was tucked under my arm.

I received a call from a young man to show one of my vacant, rural listings. I was to meet him at the property. My 'spidey senses' told me I should be carrying for this particular showing.

I got out to the property and there was not one young man but a pack of five! I get out of my vehicle and see that several of them are drinking. Not good. Then one shouts out, 'You must be crazy or really stupid to come out here alone!'. I responded, 'I'm crazy, now let's look at this property.'

They all got a good chuckle at the exchange and the tension broke. One said, 'Aw, we're just messin' with ya'.'The showing went without incident. I even wound up writing an offer!

However, I was really glad I had the backup. Now, I'll be the first to say 1001 things could have gone south in that situation and I should have just gotten back in the vehicle and drove away. But I would also say by carrying, I had the self-confidence to proceed. And I think my confidence showed in my tone of voice and posture.

Concealed carry is more than going out with a plan to brandish or start firing off rounds at the first whiff of danger. Concealed carry is about discipline. Concealed carry provides security, confidence, and peace of mind to handle situations that might be a little tense - or worse.

Mobuck, you never know when a gesture of kindness will come back to you and sprout just when you need it. Great job on your kind gesture - staying alert - and staying safe!

JohnBoy - NRA Patriot Life Benefactor


Don't waste your time looking back, you're not going that way. - Ragnar Lothbrok

PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:26 am 

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My "touchiest" situation like that was in 1970. I had been in a bad accident on my harley. While I was recuperating I dreamed up a idea of having saddle bags and scootboot moulded into one piece like a 1950`s Indy race car. Knew just the guy to do it who ran a fiberglass business making side cars, Kayak`s etc. He was a rough type and in with a outlaw 1% MC group that`s club headquarters was adjacent to his shop. I drew out my idea and showed him. My best friend owned a Guzzi and went with me. He liked our idea and agreed to make each of us one for free to let him market them.
While visiting our projects we were introduced to the outlaw group. Time dragged on way too long and we went to his house and told him we wanted our bikes. He said okay, and we went to his shop in a huge old UPS van he had for trade shows to get them. As we drove there he explained he had a falling out with his partner and had rolled our bikes in the "Hessians" HQ!
Then he reached in the overhead and got a pistol. He said you guys are healed, right? My buddy Bill, a ex cop always was. Now we are parked in front. The group was up tight as a few of them were in the big house for attempting to kill a member that had ratted them. They had shot him and threw him in a manhole but he lived and crawled out and had ran to the cops again.
One had a browning HP in his belt. My partner like a magician deftly took it, looked it over and congratulated him on it. On a prior visit "Mac" had me show my model 60 smith and had me demo it by shooting a knot out of his ceiling. They helped us load our bikes. One took me aside and said they were planning on hitting a armored truck. Did I want in? I had to think that one over. As we were driving out I told Mac, I dont want to know what you told them about us, but it must have been good!

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