Gunbroker Bidders Investigated?
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Author:  ndcowboy [ Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gunbroker Bidders Investigated?

RoninPA wrote:
Fox Mike wrote:
I am sure it happens. I worked with an auction and was told what to 'run' a bid to in order to get higher bidding. I have ways said that at any auction you set your maximum price for the item and NEVER go beyond it. Once again, buyer beware.

When I go to a live auction, and the auctioneer is not one I am familiar with, I look to see who all the auctioneers "workers" are. Then when the auction starts, I watch them to see what they do. When the thing that I may want comes up, when I bid I then look to see who else is bidding. If I see the "workers" bidding, and many will be disbursed in among the crowd, I may bid a couple times to see what they do. If they keep bidding then they are shills and I'll stop bidding because I figure I am now being cheated. Even if the bidding is below my max, I figure that without the shills I possibly would have gotten it cheaper than my max.

Bad part about on line auctions is that you don't know who the shills are unless you happen to notice the same name come up a lot over time bidding only for a certain sellers stuff. Even with that it's hard to prove it's a shill.

I work for different auctioneers every now and again. I often bid on things I'm interested in while I work. Doesn't mean I'm shill.

Author:  6GUNSONLY [ Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gunbroker Bidders Investigated?

jgt wrote:
The Smith & Wesson sight had a Redfield scope for sale touting it was the bullet drop compensating model. I ask if it had the three ring/bushing adaptors and booklet that tells you which one to use for which caliber/load. The scope is useless as a bullet drop compensating scope with out these accessories. I only asked if it had these with it, and did not say anything else. The moderator blew up about me asking the question saying something to the effect if I was not a buyer I was breaking the rules. I told him I was very interested in buying the scope that is why I was trying to get the information. I also added I was buying and selling long before there was an internet and I didn't need the internet to get what I wanted so if he wanted to ban me that was fine with me. So far I have heard nothing more.

Smith & Wesson forum rules forbid asking questions about the item in the thread. Questions are to be sent by PM. The only permissible posts in a "for sale" thread there is an "I'll take it." Just the way they do things.

Author:  bobski [ Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gunbroker Bidders Investigated?

does anyone use paddles in live auctions anymore?
paddles had the bidders number and everyone had a list of the bidders numbers to confirm a fair bid.

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